Quick Tip: Reaching Out to Your Blog Readership

Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 in Quick Tips | No Comments

In creating this month’s “Blogging” topics I have been inundated with questions about “growth” and “attraction”. Some by bloggers and other by people who find me rather adorable. (It’s all about attraction, baby!). So I thought that I would pose a quick thought about growing your audience and attracting people to you.

First let’s define a simple word: attraction. What is it and how does it work for us? As always I will head over to my favorite resource Dictionary.com.

2. attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement: the subtle attraction of her strange personality.

Yeah, sure there are other definitions on the site, but I want to focus on this one for those bloggers out there. If you want to grow your audience make sure you give them something that attracts them. I have to agree with my friend Bryan Waldon Pope when he said to me, “No one is as interesting as we think we are.” So why would someone care about what you are saying or the posts that you are creating? Because we NEED to find out what ATTRACTS our clients.

So here is where market research really helps. Take a quick look around your client list and ask them what interests them about your business. You really only need to ask a handful of people, but utilize what they like about you to attract more people to your blogs and articles.

Often we create posts or entries because we think they are great topics. Sometimes they are .. and other times … not so much. We all hit and miss. But if we can create a strategy of what is attractive to our clients then, when looking at your entries for the first time, they will be more attentive to your writings instead of just moving along without paying attention.

There are things about your business that is fascinating, that spawns allurement, that is enticing. Discover what it is. Sometimes it’s the stories of people who use your product. Other times it’s the stories you had creating or developing your product. Sometimes it’s the mechanics of the product as well. The trick for you is to identify what is attractive about your business. It’s out there … it may just take some time to discover.

Oh and when you discover what those items are … let me know. I love seeing what you come up with and hearing about new things to discover. Plus … you never know when I’ll put your name in bold and mention you in an email. 🙂