Remembering the Process of Getting a Job

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I love volunteering at the LDS Employment Resource Center in Provo, UT. I have been volunteering there for almost 3 years now and every week something new, something borrowed but never anything blue shows up. The people who attend the Professional Networking Group are some of the best people in the world. Everyone of them is a consummate expert in some area. They, like many others, just get misguided when looking for employment opportunities. Hopefully these entries will allow me to help repave the road towards success so many of us know.

Tonight my friend and mentor, Larry Stevenson, the Director of the ERS spoke to the group about the “Process of Getting a Job.” It is an important idea everyone should remember. We all know it, but quite often we forget during our times of employment seeking.

  • Step One – What are you LOOKING for?
  • Step Two – CONTACT people who know about or know people who do what you are looking for
  • Step Three – Make phone calls (Three Types)
    • Type One: Research/Due Diligence
    • Type Two: Set Up Interviews
    • Type Three: Thank You Phone Calls
  • Step Four – Go to an Interview
  • Step Five – Effective Follow-Up
  • Step Six – Receive a Job Offer
  • Step Seven – Negotiation
  • and the oddly placed Step Eight – Create a Resume

I could spend a lot of time discussing each of these topics. However, I spent a lot of time discussing each of these ideas in my upcoming book “5 Simple Things to Do to Get the Job You Love.” With that being said let me pose a question to the world … If these are the steps of getting a meaningful job how does applying online, looking at job ads, or asking about job openings fit in this process?

The quick answer … it doesn’t.

I know that leaves a lot to be discussed and defined and with each upcoming article I will shed light on what I mean. The sad truth behind the unemployment deception is we place ourselves in corners that are difficult to escape. We feel lost, confused and frustrated. The media tells us there are not opportunities available, the economy is hard and companies are not hiring. However, the Provo LDS Employment Resource Center just started a new program and within 5 weeks has found 18 jobs for 30 people. That’s a 60% employment success rate in 5 weeks.

My friends the world has abundance for everyone. It is just our duty to find it, not only for ourselves, but most importantly within ourselves. Our world is not in an economic recession as much as it is in an economic reevaluation. We still purchase things. We still get products that are “toys” and “trinkets.” We just invest in items we find valuable. It is the same with the job market. Companies are still hiring, but the rules have changed slightly. It isn’t about the skills, but about the value. It isn’t about the accolades it’s about the worth. It isn’t about the experience, it is about the successes.

We all have them, and in the next couple posts I’ll showcase a little about how to draw them out of yourself. It all starts with that first question: What are you LOOKING for? And that is where we will start next week …