Was there ever a process in your company that you wish flowed nicer? Maybe something so complicated that made you wish for a simple way to organize the mess? Or perhaps a way to show an end user only what they needed instead of requiring tons of knowledge or training?

ZDA was specifically designed to help out with that confusion.

The organization which hired us wanted an application that would allow end users to configure their individual submission and configuration processes. These processes were extremely complicated and required specialized information from 1 – 2 people. Our software allows them to simplify these complex designs and present the implementation team with only the steps required to configure their clients software.

With each release of the software package new features (for example: Alert Notifications, External Messaging Brokers, and Accounting Integrations) are developed to make the internal registrations team faster, more accurate and have greater accountability. The ZDA system is a comprehensive application which has maintained lower head count and more reliable information regarding the order handling process.