24 May 2012

Remembering the Process of Getting a Job

I love volunteering at the LDS Employment Resource Center in Provo, UT. I have been volunteering there for almost 3 years now and every week something new, something borrowed but never anything blue shows up. The people who attend the Professional Networking Group are some of the best people in the world. Everyone of them […]

4 Nov 2011

The Pillow Marketing Wake-Up

If you are one of the many who have heard me present on the power of effective marketing you know about my obsession with being direct with your customers. May times I have quoted Barry Sonnenfeld’s movie Men in Black when talking about dealing with people: Will Smith: People are smart! … Tommy Lee Jones: […]

7 Oct 2011

5 Things I Instantly Liked About Windows 7.5 (Mango)

So around 2:30 AM on 10/7/2011 I was able to update my Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 7.5, codename Mango. There has been a lot of buzz around Mango because they truly optimized a number of items as well as included a number of user requests that we have been asking for a while. […]

9 Jun 2011

LDS Conference Talks–Windows Phone 7 App

There are a lot of great applications out for LDS people in the Smartphone world. The LDS Church even has some applications that are written specifically for the Windows Phone 7 platform like: Gospel Library LDS Tools Here is the official Windows Phone 7 Mobile app page for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day […]

31 Dec 2010

Quick Tip: One more before the year is out

So we find ourselves at the end of 2010 looking forward to 2011 and I realize it is a great time to answer some of those last minute questions people ask me. I could go into a tirade about “Preparing for Success in 2011” or “Launch 2011 with a Bang” but there are a myriad […]

19 Oct 2010

Quick Tip: Facebook Privacy – Another Attempt at Confusion

So last week I ranted about the silliness of Facebook Groups allowing people to be added without their notice. Well … it appears yet another Facebook “privacy issue” has surfaced (although us tech guys have known about it for a while). The Wall Street Journal on Monday the 18th ran an article Facebook in Privacy […]

5 Oct 2010

Quick Tip: Why is Web Development so Pricey?

Over the past 10 years the explosion of “The Internet” has been drastically changed from Star Trek fanpages to actual full on business. Having a website in today’s business climate is akin to having a phone number in the business world of the past century (yeah … that was over a decade ago). However, even […]

23 Aug 2010

Quick Tip: Why is My Computer So Slow?

Last week I went to a networking meeting where I met a young lady who’s husband runs Legion Skateboards down in Payson, UT. She started telling me of a Virus she got on her computer. I listened to her talk and chuckled as I did knowing that the problem wasn’t as horrible as she made […]

19 Jul 2010

Quick Tip: Reaching Out to Your Blog Readership

In creating this month’s “Blogging” topics I have been inundated with questions about “growth” and “attraction”. Some by bloggers and other by people who find me rather adorable. (It’s all about attraction, baby!). So I thought that I would pose a quick thought about growing your audience and attracting people to you. First let’s define […]

12 Jul 2010

Growing an Audience with Facebook Friends

So you’ve been writing a blog and now you want to get people read it. Simple … send an email to your friends and tell them about your new blog. That will work … right? Of course it will, but how do you reach more people than just your email list? It can be accomplished […]