31 Dec 2010

Quick Tip: One more before the year is out

So we find ourselves at the end of 2010 looking forward to 2011 and I realize it is a great time to answer some of those last minute questions people ask me. I could go into a tirade about “Preparing for Success in 2011” or “Launch 2011 with a Bang” but there are a myriad […]

19 Oct 2010

Quick Tip: Facebook Privacy – Another Attempt at Confusion

So last week I ranted about the silliness of Facebook Groups allowing people to be added without their notice. Well … it appears yet another Facebook “privacy issue” has surfaced (although us tech guys have known about it for a while). The Wall Street Journal on Monday the 18th ran an article Facebook in Privacy […]

5 Oct 2010

Quick Tip: Why is Web Development so Pricey?

Over the past 10 years the explosion of “The Internet” has been drastically changed from Star Trek fanpages to actual full on business. Having a website in today’s business climate is akin to having a phone number in the business world of the past century (yeah … that was over a decade ago). However, even […]

23 Aug 2010

Quick Tip: Why is My Computer So Slow?

Last week I went to a networking meeting where I met a young lady who’s husband runs Legion Skateboards down in Payson, UT. She started telling me of a Virus she got on her computer. I listened to her talk and chuckled as I did knowing that the problem wasn’t as horrible as she made […]

19 Jul 2010

Quick Tip: Reaching Out to Your Blog Readership

In creating this month’s “Blogging” topics I have been inundated with questions about “growth” and “attraction”. Some by bloggers and other by people who find me rather adorable. (It’s all about attraction, baby!). So I thought that I would pose a quick thought about growing your audience and attracting people to you. First let’s define […]