LDS Conference Talks–Windows Phone 7 App

There are a lot of great applications out for LDS people in the Smartphone world. The LDS Church even has some applications that are written specifically for the Windows Phone 7 platform like:

Gospel Library

LDS Tools

Here is the official Windows Phone 7 Mobile app page for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

So what is Get Enoch’s LDS Conference Application? During the General Conference of April 2011, I was sitting watching each session and thinking to myself … it would be cool if I could watch these again without having to install the videos on my phone.

So I started thinking about how to put the latest General Conference sessions on my phone. The problem I always wrestle with is an issue with space. How much does an average user use on their phone for photos, videos and other things. And if you do use your phone for those items do you want to have an entire conference session on your phone?

So I pulled open the website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and started to read the HTML code. I wanted to see if there was a pattern to the way the Church does their codebase. Low and behold there was a pattern and I thought, “What’s better than having one Conference Session? As many conference sessions as I can get!”

The first thing to note about this application is that it uses your internet connectivity to get the information it needs from It opens the General Conference Pages from and scraps the information to display it in the Windows Phone 7 UI. Each time it is needed the application opens the web pages from so nothing is saved on your phone’s device storage unless you add a bookmark, save a note or save a query. More about that in a second.

There are a couple of different ways to view the Conference Talk …. if available: 1) Text, 2) Audio and 3) Video. Each of these options take the User to a different view of the Conference Message. Currently has audio and video media available for the past 6 years of General Conferences. However, on the website they start their Conference listings with the April 1974 General Conference! That’s almost 40 years of General Conferences …. pretty cool stuff

After writing the views for the Conferences I thought it would be nice to have a way to search the Conference Archives and find talks on certain subjects. Once again … I went up to and looked at the HTML to see if there was a simple way to do this. Luckily the website had it exposed on their search form how to pull the information. So I took the functionality of the Advanced Search Page on and integrated it into this application. The only exception I did in the application was I force all the results to always return just the General Conference messages instead of all the full results you can get back from I wanted to keep this application focused on just the General Conference Talks. There was also a cool feature in the search results that allowed Related Topics to be shown. I was able to integrate that into the search features as well.

In the end I think this app is pretty cool to get General Conference Messages on the go. Because of some of the rules around publishing to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace I decided to make the app price $1.29 USD. However Everything about the application is free to use and there is a TRIAL MODE so you can demo and see what the application is all about before purchasing it. Here are a list of differences between the TRIAL and PAID versions:


  • Read every Conference Talk available from
  • Search through to discover new and interesting talks.
  • Watch (if available) streaming video for General Conference Talks
  • Listen (if available) to audio for General Conference Talks
  • All information retrieved from so content is updated when the website is updated and nothing is stored on your device
  • Bookmark your favorite Conference Talks, Take notes on your favorite Conference talk and Save your Favorite Queries
  • Save up to 3 Bookmarks, Notes and Queries to quickly jump and use again
  • Share your favorite talks with friends via email or sms text links
  • Get uplifted on the go by listening to living Prophets and Disciples of our Heavenly Father


  • Store unlimited Bookmarks, Notes and Queries
  • Give yourself a good feeling that you’re supporting independent development

It’s important to me and my team that we provide good products that can live without people purchasing the products. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device and want to install this application just CLICK THIS LINK! We had a fun time writing this app and hope you enjoy using it!

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