Enoch started presenting at an early age. His first presentation was at an assembly of his schoolmates and town dignitaries after he was naturalized as a US Citizen … at the age of 5. He sat on his mother’s lap and spoke about the process of becoming a US Citizen and what it meant to him.

Ever since that moment Enoch has found great passion in presenting to various groups about a wide variety of topics. Whether he is using his Consultant/Coaching hat, his Music Composition hat or his various other hats, Enoch is always ready to present.

Enoch’s has spoken on various topics including:

  • Native American Folklore and Stories
  • Native American Flute Music
  • How to Create a Powerful Website
  • Using Effective Social Media
  • Technologies Your Business Should be Using Right Now

  • Software Development Concepts
  • 3 Things Every Interviewer Wants to Know
  • Communicating Effectively to Land the Job You’ll Love
  • Business Ethics in The Modern Technology World
  • How to Get the Best from People

And he loves to tailor topics to whatever the need of the organization desires.

People enjoy his immense knowledge on subjects, simple instruction on complex topics and positive outlook on possibilities. Each of his presentations include understanding of topics and actions on how to use that information for personal growth. Whether it is technology, personal development or facts about life, Enoch focuses on helping people be better. It has made him a popular and sought-after presenter over the years at hundreds of events to thousands of people.

One of his favorite areas is presenting to schools on various Native American topics. He shares the stories of local tribes, presents histories students might find interesting and loves talking about music used by indigenous communities. He loves to help people understand something new … and if that something new turns into a passion than all the better.

“In presenting there are three areas you need to impact: The Head, The Hands, and The Heart. You need to bestow knowledge for understanding; You need to show how you can implement that knowledge; but most importantly you need to inspire change to make that implementation happen.”

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