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Consulting/Coaching Services Consulting/Coaching Services

Need Advice, Motivation or someone to Guide you through a difficult process? Get Enoch to help organize and sherpa your progress to successful new heights.

Composition Services Composition Services

Need a Soundscape that will get your clients moving and excited? Get Enoch to create an auditory treat to tie your business together.

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Need to complete a Project rapidly and accurately? Get Enoch for quick, reliable, and productive work that will get you the Profitable fast.

Random Thoughts of Silliness and Insight

Or how 42 is the Ultimate Answer!

The Imperfect Perfection of You

The Imperfect Perfection of You

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I sent out an email through my email contact system and realized I had a problem: An attendee at one of my recent events (who happens to be a technical writer) mentioned how much he enjoyed what I had to say, but that my grammar and spelling mistakes lessen the impact of my authority. I […]

“I have only one goal: To leave wherever I am in a better state than when I arrived: whether that is for one day or for a lifetime. If I accomplish this goal, I have found success.”


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Bryan Waldon Pope “The Bold Empathy Project”

… Enoch not only knows computers, software, the internet, and all other things “computer” inside and out, but the man also has a firm grasp on business in general. Because of this, Enoch brings HUGE value to his clients. He doesn’t just do what his clients think they want him to do, Enoch dives in with a big picture view, guides his clients through meaningful decision-making processes, and consistently comes up with solutions and insights better than anything any of us would have ever come up with on our own. If you can stand working with a friendly, people-oriented guy who also happens to be amazing at what he does professionally, Enoch is the man for the job …

- Bryan Waldon Pope “The Bold Empathy Project”
Sarah Ward “Assistant Production Manager at NORC at University of Chicago”

Enoch has an impressive knowledge of online networking, marketing on the internet and blogging that he so generously shared with our local Chamber of Commerce. His enthusiasm and interaction with his audience makes him an engaging speaker. He has certainly expanded my horizons about online networking.

- Sarah Ward “Assistant Production Manager at NORC at University of Chicago”
Trenton Wilson “Program Coordinator at USU”

Enoch was a guest presenter at our Community Networking event and spoke to job seekers, employers and community partners about effective networking. Enoch is always entertaining, informative and communicates well. He is knowledgeable about many aspects of job search, career management, entrepreneurship and technology and I have learned a great deal from him in our many encounters.

- Trenton Wilson “Program Coordinator at USU”