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4 May 2012

Remembering the Process of Getting a Job

I love volunteering at the LDS Employment Resource Center in Provo, UT. I have been volunteering there for almost 3 years now and every week something new, something borrowed but never anything blue shows up. The people who attend the Professional Networking Group are some of the best people in the world. Everyone of them […]

4 Nov 2011

The Pillow Marketing Wake-Up

If you are one of the many who have heard me present on the power of effective marketing you know about my obsession with being direct with your customers. May times I have quoted Barry Sonnenfeld’s movie Men in Black when talking about dealing with people: Will Smith: People are smart! … Tommy Lee Jones: […]

31 Dec 2010

Quick Tip: Popular Questions I Get All the Time

So we find ourselves at the end of 2010 looking forward to 2011 and I realize it is a great time to answer some of those last minute questions people ask me. I could go into a tirade about “Preparing for Success in 2011” or “Launch 2011 with a Bang” but there are a myriad […]


What our customers are saying.

  • Sarah Ward (Lead Editorial Stylist)

    Enoch has an impressive knowledge of online networking, marketing on the internet and blogging that he so generously shared with our local Chamber of Commerce. His enthusiasm and interaction with his audience makes him an engaging speaker. He has certainly expanded my horizons about online networking.

    - Sarah Ward (Lead Editorial Stylist)
  • Larry Stevenson (Coach, Author, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker)

    Enoch Chapman’s creative approach to collaboration generates great ideas, practical solutions, and invigorating solutions. He rejuvenated my business with a complete overhaul of our web site, business strategy, and corporate vision. He collaborates tirelessly and generously to help others succeed.

    - Larry Stevenson (Coach, Author, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker)
  • Sue Robinson (Productivity Coach)

    Enoch is definitely the Big Kahuna of social media and all things technological! He amazes me with the extent of his knowledge and expertise. Enoch is always on the cutting edge of what is new and innovative . He has a wonderful way of explaining things so that anyone can understand what it is and why it’s cool! He makes it easy to use the latest technology to improve and benefit you and your business…plus he is a blast to work with. Put Enoch on your speed dial!

    - Sue Robinson (Productivity Coach)