Everybody has a book inside of them.

Enoch spent several years volunteering at his local Employment Resource Center helping people find employment success. He did weekly workshops for over 8 years presenting on topics about LinkedIn, Personal Branding, and Interview Skills. During this time was when Enoch wrote his first book: “5 Simple Things to Do to Land the Job You’ll Love.”

His book takes the reader on a step-by-step journey on how to find employment success and what that means to everyone individually. It starts with identifying what you desire and ends with learning how to communicate so you get what you desire. Not just finding a “job” but finding employment that you love and don’t want to leave.

Enoch loves hearing stories

Enoch enjoys talking with people. He loves hearing their own stories and commenting on the lessons learned. People often express how different and unique his perspectives are. Over the years he has written down his various perspectives. He is currently working on two new books slated to come out in 2022. One on how to build a powerful business network and another on the random silliness of the cosmos.

Enoch enjoys writing though he finds little time to focus on it consistently due to various other projects. And while he knows there are grammatical mistakes in his content at times, he hopes his passion for the material can overshine some of his imperfections. He just hopes that his perspectives can help others trying to navigate this wonderful globe.

“The best job we can have is a teacher: Teaching our families positive paths of growth; Teaching those under our care how to progress forward their potential; Teaching others our insights and knowledge we understand to help navigate tough times. Teaching is one of the key elements that make us human: Creating Connections and Sharing Our Wisdom.”

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