After working as an Application Developer and System Architect for hire, Enoch found himself in a unique position: clients wanted his advice on how to be successful. This manifested itself in two distinct ideas.

The Consultant

Enoch grew up with a passion to absorb as much information as he could. This made him knowledgeable in several different areas. And while he focused his efforts mostly on technology, his understanding of other subjects would occasionally creep into conversation. These conversations would lead into, “Could you help us out with something?” And like that his Consultant life began.

He has been asked to consult on Marketing Plans, Business Plans, Business Incubation, Office Technology, Social Media Strategies, Internal System structures, Entity Creation and various other topics. His clients love the knowledge he brings to any situation. Not just of the inquired topic but of supporting topics that are needed to bring ideas to life. Being able to attack issues from multiple angles is one of Enoch’s strengths.

The Coach

The biggest issue with being an “Idea Guy” is implementation of the Big Idea. Discovering the right solution to problems are great, but implementing those solutions is what drives productivity and success. Many business decision makers falter when putting their plans into action. Not because they are not capable, but progress is difficult when accountability is removed from the process

This is where Enoch saw a need to help people find success.

  1. Define the Goal of the client
  2. Establish Milestones and achievable Steps to make the Goal possible
  3. Hold people accountable for their actions to achieve their goals

and most importantly

  1. Encourage and support his clients throughout the process

Enoch excels at encouraging people to see beyond their immediate positions to the possibilities of what can happen. And it is this support and encouragement that has brought people back to his services repeatedly.

“People have unlimited potential to change the world. All I do is set the vision, remind them of the possibilities and then get out of the way.”

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